What Data Does IPPEA Store in their website Database?

In order for our website membership features to work appropriately, some personally identifiable information must be stored in order to get the most out of the membership experience.

Built-in Information Fields

Membership access contains the following built-in information fields. First Name*

  • Name
  • Email Address
  • Date of Registration
  • Password (securely hashed by WordPress prior to storage in the database)
  • Address (Line 1, Line 2, City, State, Zip, Country)*
  • Name of the school with which the member is associated

Payment Information

The Irish Primary PE Association does not store or process payment information locally. That information is securely transmitted to, and stored by Stripe payments.

Below is a breakdown of what data is stored locally on the Irish Primary PE Association website, and what data is transmitted to Stripe.


Stored in Irish Primary PE Association Website

  • Stripe Customer Numbers (cus_xxxxx…)
  • Transaction charge numbers (ch_xxxxx…)
  • Full Webhook Response data for Subscriptions and Transactions
  • Last 4 digits and expiration date of user’s Credit Card. This is used for Expiring Card Reminder Emails.

Sent to Stripe.com

  • The buyer’s first and last name
  • The buyer’s WordPress email address
  • Address
  • Full Credit Card Info – Number, CVC, Expiration Date


Our membership emails admin’s for various events that occur on the site. The email text bodies and/or subject lines may contain personally identifiable information about a member on your site. These emails are not kept in our email folders (inbox, archives etc) for any longer than is needed.

Examples of emails sent might be New Member Signup emails, Transaction or Subscription created emails, and Reminder emails. This is not an exhaustive list of the various emails sent out.


The Irish Primary PE Association website uses the following cookies, however neither cookie contains any personal information, nor can it be combined with other data to create a profile of an individual.

  • mplk– when using the Custom URI Rules to protect a static file like a PDF, the IPPEA website creates a cookie temporarily to allow the authorized user to view the file without being redirected. This cookie contains a random alpha-numeric string of text and is removed after 5 seconds.