Student Teacher IPPEA Events

Summary of the Froebel Maynooth and DCU IPPEA Student Teacher Events

DCU Student IPPEA Event

Liam Moggan is widely regarded in sporting circles as the godfather of coaching and coach education in Ireland.  Liam is former Coach Educator at Coaching Ireland and one of Ireland’s leading sports coaches. He started his career as PE teacher. He was one of the first graduates in PE from Limerick, and an honorary doctorate in September 2022 brought his journey back home. Liam has contributed to several podcasts which can be found by googling his name.

Liam has been a guest on many occasions at St. Patrick’s Campus, to BEd PE Specialism students. We were delighted to welcome him back on the 11th of April 2023 as part of the IPPEA student teacher event series. Following an introduction to the student teachers about the work of the IPPEA by Susan Marron IPPEA committee, Liam made an inspiring motivational talk to the AP 301 students about the power and inspiring role of a teacher to children and the privileged position they are in to inspire.

IPPEA Froebel Maynooth Student Teacher Event 28th April 2023

The IPPEA final year Froebel Maynooth student workshop took place on Fri 28th April. Having been obliged to do an online session in 2021, it was great to return to a practical experience this year. It was also appropriate that our last pre-pandemic presenter, Elaine Harris returned to Maynooth to deliver an excellent session: “An introduction to using yoga inspired movement, breath and relaxation tools in the primary school classroom” . These students will start teaching full time in September with lots of great wellbeing ideas.
Sincere thanks to Elaine and the IPPEA for the great experience which was a well-timed break from their studies.