PExpo Primary School Entries for March 2020

The IPPEA are delighted to announce our involvement in PExpo 2020. Primary school teachers are asked to plan and record a unit of  PE work (150 minutes maximum) demonstrating their children’s learning in PE.
The children’s learning will be documented by them in diary entries in which they can draw pictures, take pictures and write descriptions to written prompts about specific aspects of their PE learning.
A display of the unit of work and a selection of the children’s diary entries will be presented at the PExpo 4th March 2020 at DCU Sports Building. There is a prize for the winning teacher and their class as well as a certificate each school entry. For further information read and look at the following materials.
The documents are now up and running for  PExpo 2020
There is also a feature on the IPPEA website home page 3 from last year including a piece what the judges said.
Read the October edition of INTOUCH  article ‘What we have learned in physical education’ written by the IPPEA. See  page 31.