EUPEA Annual Forum free participation but registration is needed

34th EUPEA  EUPEA is organising its 34th Forum in Frankfurt, Germany, where the main theme will be: Which tests for Physical Education? The IPPEA is a member of EUPEA and therefore our IPPEA members are eligible to participate in this event. The forum theme above will be explored through the perspective of representatives from several European countries and through scientific work on the subject. The tests are linked to measures of health or sporting performance. What kind of tests does physical education need? What will they be used for? Do we need a European comparison of PE? Is there not a risk that the standardisation of tests will standardise the diversity of practices and cultures?

An online workshop on the BMC (Basic Motor Competences) project will shed light on this topic. You can take part in online sessions or come and take part on site.During the Forum, there will be time for  particpant exchanges and a social program to enable Physical Education teachers to meet each other and help to build the largest Physical Education community in Europe. 

As part of the forum there will be an International Hybrid Workshop: How to assess and promote Basic Motor Competencies in Physical Education?   This webinar will take place from  9am to 12pm (Central European Time) (8am-11am Irish time)  November 17th in collaboration with various partners attending the Forum.

FREE ONLINE PARTICIPATION. For more infomration and to registration visit the EUPEA website here